Case Study:

HONDA: in the world of car and motorcycle enthusiasts

Since 2017, we support two HONDA Facebook profiles: car and motorcycle. Every day we communicate with 90,000 fans of this brand, create content, moderate and at the same time act anti-crisis.


Our task is daily communication with fans of two Honda Facebook profiles: Honda Polska (cars) and Honda Motorcycles. We are to build the brand image, contact with current and potential clients, counteract crises and solve them as part of profile moderation, as well as support sales and introduction of new models to the market. All activities must be consistent with global guidelines from the headquarters.


In both cases, we focused on attractive, but at the same time quite specialist communication, adapted to the recipient requiring professional knowledge. Lovers of cars and motorbikes of a particular brand are almost its religious followers – when creating content, we must be especially careful about the nuances that are not so important in other industries.


Content is primarily graphically attractive to best present the qualities of car and motorcycle models. We write about new products, organize competitions for fans, direct to the website, we encourage to contact dealers. On both profiles we also write about the achievements of Honda car and motorcycle drivers at motosports. We speak in a professional way about the qualities of individual models and interesting technical solutions. Careful moderation plays a key role in case of this client – Facebook profiles are often the first contact of a dissatisfied consumer. Any change or decision to withdraw a particular model is felt in the Facebook discussion, and fans can strongly articulate their dissatisfaction.


For years, we’ve been supporting two Honda profiles, building the brand image and supporting sales. A specialized approach to the subject, as well as engaged and vigilant moderation are our key to success. Profiles build a coherent brand image, support sales and launch of new products on the market.

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