Case Study: Content marketing

PUDLISZKI: how to show taste and create a lovebrand?

We have been constantly communicating the Pudliszki brand on Facebook since 2017. On daily basis we activate the 176-thousand community gathered there, conduct anti-crisis activities, create a brand image consistent with other channels. Our creations prove that indeed “This taste is not a matter of chance”.

Who should have the tastiest creations on the Polish Internet, if not the leader on the ketchup market? Pudliszki and their products have been in almost every Polish house for years. The communication of such a brand must focus on taste, derive from nature, stimulate the senses and cultivate the clients’ sentiment for the brand itself. See how we succeed!


Show taste with words, image and sound, while presenting a wide range of products. All this must be consistent with brand communication and claim (“This taste is not a matter of chance”) and achieve sales and image goals.


When watching dishes and food products, reading or listening about them, the desire to eat such products increases. The brain evokes familiar flavours – most often those remembered from childhood, related to important and nice moments in one’s life.


We have created content that shows products and dishes in appetizing manner, we write about them colourfully, affecting the imagination and desire to buy the product. The messages build the mood, draw on the sentiment for products and develop a passion for cooking and food in customers. The more senses the brand message engages, the more complete and deeper the consumer experience will be, and thus the desire to buy the product. Such activities bring the brand closer to the concept of creating  lovebrand.

Website design


We run daily, varied and trend-driven brand communication on Facebook. We use non-standard formats to convey the best taste using image and text. Posts both locate the product directly and talk about cooking, nature, crops, and zero waste traffic. We have also designed the brand website and position Pudliszki on Google. To stand out with the original content, we made a photo session and prepared packshots of products, helpful in creating posts. We have strongly developed the inspirational website of brand communication through content marketing (footnotes to the website) or cooperation with the influencer (with Beata Śniechowska, winner of the 2nd edition of “Masterchef”). The “Cooking on Call” series with Beata Śniechowska was also a competition with prizes for those watching the Facebook profile. Brand fans decided what products the dish would be cooked from in the next episode, and the brand ambassador creatively (and deliciously) responded to this challenge.

Brand communication in social media:

We have also created and produced a series of videos (40 videos in 2 years) for social media – video shot with a camera from above, which only shows the cooking process and the chef’s hands. The productions are short, dynamic, with subtitles, with high viral potential.

Brand communication in social media:


“I am learning new ways to use traditional products. I cook tasty and modern dishes thanks to products that I have known for years.”

Photo session:


Pudliszek’s Facebook profile is followed by over 176 thousand people. In this respect, this brand is a leader in its category among Polish fanpages. Every day, we create tasty creations that reflect the slogan “This taste is not a matter of chance.” Commitment and positive sentiment towards the brand among customers / Internet users confirms this. During our cooperation with the client, since February 2017 we have introduced many new products of Pudliszki to the Internet communication and modified the content in accordance with the latest trends.

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