Case Study: Social Art becomes Bees & Honey - rebranding of agency

Social Art is changing into Bees & Honey – rebranding of agency.

After almost 10 years of Social Art activity, we are changing into Bees & Honey. This is not just a change of name, but a complete rebranding of the company, a new logo and brand claim. Our key visual is an amazing world of honey ideas that arise at Bees & Honey.

What do bees and honey have to do with advertising? It turns out that there are quite a lot of analogies! Just as industrious bees create their precious, golden honey, so do we create solutions – thanks to which our customers earn more and more. See how we got it all done!


After almost 10 years of presence in the advertising industry, it turned out that we are doing a lot more than our name says about us. We started working on the Heart and Mind campaign. We’ve grown and built our reputation on social media activities. The name Social Art fit perfectly here. However, for years we have been operating much broader, conducting 360 campaigns and supporting our clients in many fields. We have a lot of experience, but also appetites for more. We also wanted to show it in our branding.


Honey is commonly called liquid gold, and its consumption for centuries has been associated with immortality and abundance. Bees, in turn, are known for their diligence. A copy of the words “bees and honey” in slang stands for “money”.


We are a hard-working team whose activities bring results. Our agency is like a family of bees who work with commitment to get what is the most delicious. We create honey, valuable creations that bring results and money to our clients.


The world of nature has been a reference point for centuries, a source of easily decodable symbolism, and nature is close to our company’s values. Claim “Our ideas bring you money, honey” is a promise of solutions that bring big profits. The process of making honey has become for us an analogue of the creative process and from it everything began.

1. STRATEGY: every day we fly out of our hive in search of advertising nectar. We collect insights and inspirations that create honey solutions. We operate efficiently and in accordance with a well-developed division of roles. This is a tedious, but very important stage of our work. When we return to the hive, magic happens.

2. CREATION: this is the most valuable thing which we can offer our customers – at this stage we change nectar into delicious honey. During honey picking, we create unforgettable creations – there is nothing to hide – we just love what we do. Each time our honey is unique, has a unique taste and colour.

3. MEDIA: even the best honey needs proper exposure to fully appreciate its value. In the spotlight, it begins to sparkle, sparkle in thousands of shades and nobody can resist it. Our mediators know how to properly highlight the advantages of the brand so that the customer can sell more and shine even brighter.

4. BRAND OPERATION: Once we have created enough delicious honey, we are happy to share it with our customers. We provide comprehensive service so that our clients’ brands can grow stronger every day, watered with our honey creations. We want our clients’ gardens to constantly sprout ideas for great campaigns.

We based our comprehensive offer and all storytelling on these pillars.


The brand logo drawn by handwriting is in the shape of a hexagon. The sign is divided into two parts: brown “Bees &” and yellow “Honey”. The letter “y” ends with a drop of honey.

Our key visual presents a honey world full of magical characters. A bicycle shark, a rocket in the form of a carrot or a watermelon in the crown – everything is possible with us! The idea of ​​”think out of the box” is 100% realized in our company.

A new website has also been created, which contains information about us, case studies and realizations, news as well as a store with our agency’s products! All you need is paid advertising, competitive analysis, or maybe new branding? Choose from our product cards or contact us by email or phone. We will definitely find a way to creatively solve your business task.

We also implemented our branding on internal materials, presentation templates and gadgets, and the bee world also filled our office in Saska Kępa!


We want to create this chapter of our history with you. We are already getting wings and feel lifted by only thinking about cooperation with You!

Create a campaign for your company!

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