Case Study: Kampania wizerunkowa

ZDROFIT: when the network of fitness clubs wants to offer something more than a cheaper pass.

In this campaign, we did not communicate the promotional price of passes or unusual training effects. We have conducted a customer research, outdoor campaign,  Internet display campaign and additional activities. In all these activities, Zdrofit showed itself as a leader who puts the health of its clients and education of Poles in terms of healthy approach to physical activity in the first place.

Pressure, shame, fear of being judged – so many people associate gyms and fitness clubs with these. That is why in the image campaign for the network of Zdrofit fitness clubs we decided to fight for a healthy approach of Poles to physical activity. Break with the stereotype of a gym, as a place where one can meet only bullies and model type girls with perfect bodies. We wanted all Poland to put ZDRO in front of FIT.


Increasing brand awareness, bonding the brand with specific values, and standing out in a communication cluster. Creating a campaign that will not focus on offering a cheaper subscription price, but will raise important social problems, that will change the stereotypical image of a gym.


I don’t exercise in fitness clubs because I’m afraid of being judged by others, comparing myself, I can’t cope with the pressure of results and becoming a better version of myself. I would like to exercise more to be more healthy.


We decided to base all communication on the idea of ​​a social campaign. The goal was to show that Zdrofit has more to offer than fitness machines and classes. That Zdrofit is a brand that cares about the physical health and well-being of Poles, and puts the good of its customers in the centre of its interest. It was important to associate the brand with a healthy approach to sport. We decided to oppose the universal pressure of results, the promotion of perfect body and becoming a better version of oneself. For Zdrofit, the most important is the health aspect of physical activity.


Zdrofit campaign stood out from the well-known communication scheme of the entire fitness industry. The bold message was enthusiastically received by both conquest and current club members of Zdrofit. Thousands of people have appreciated the brand’s commitment to change social beliefs about gym exercises and has been involved in spreading ZDRO’s attitude towards FIT on social media. The idea of the campaign has been extended to all current ZDROFIT brand communication.

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