MODERNOFF: from Podlasie carpentry shop to the premium interior design brand.

Our task was to create a premium interior design brand. We have built the Modernoff brand from scratches: we invented the name, logotype, visual identity, the creation of website, printed materials, and managed to successfully introduce the brand to the market.

Are premium interior design brands likely to succeed in Poland? Are customers able to pay more for beauty which will last for years? When they are guaranteed an individual approach to each project, the highest quality and simple product configuration, success knocks on the door.


Our task was to comprehensively create a brand that will convince consumers to spend more money on designer, high-quality wooden doors instead of buying cheap products offered by chain stores. It was important for us to create an elegant, modern and designer branding that will become a confirmation of the quality of products offered by this brand.


Handmade products to order in Polish companies are a guarantee of high quality and interesting design. What scares consumers away from working with designers is complicated ordering and implementation process and lack of professional knowledge. That is why consumers choose simple solutions that supermarkets offer them, agreeing and accepting to repeatability and lower quality.


We have built a modern, authentic and respectful to the craft brand that guarantees unique design, highest quality products and attention to detail. The simplified configuration process, which is an important stage of customer contact, gives an advantage over the competitors. We paid special attention to the text layer of all materials. The entire configuration process was written in a language accessible to the recipient.


We have created Modernoff brand from scratches. We started by analysing the market environment and creating a strategy. The name, logotype and all visual identification place the brand in the premium products market segment. The signet ring refers to wood rings, and in connection with the name it may be confused with the Copywright © sign. Both associations are desirable for us. The first – obvious, the second – suggesting that the product is the author’s hands work. For the website usage, printed materials and communication on the Internet, we made a photo session with product. We designed and produced catalogues and brochures supporting the work of sales representatives, and created a website with a wizard function. Finally, we have successfully developed and implemented the SEM campaign.


We have created a complete interior design brand that stands out on the market. We broke with the stereotype of the Podlasie carpentry shop as a not modern place with questionable quality products. From the beginning, Modernoff has enjoyed numerous orders from private individuals and institutions, and has been expanding its offer to create custom-made furniture.

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