ZDROFIT: from local gyms to a nationwide network with Forbes Diamond

Over the years of cooperation with the network of Zdrofit fitness clubs, we have significantly expanded the scope of cooperation. From social media service, through creating websites, mailings, co-creating special campaigns, anti-crisis activities, to communication and launch of new clubs openings.

How to create the largest club network in Poland from the fledgling fitness brand? From the beginning, we believed that honest, authentic communication, putting the man in the centre and listening to his needs, supported by an effective 360 ​​campaign would bring amazing results.


It is difficult for a new brand of fitness clubs to compete with fashionable network clubs and popular local gyms.


The local gyms are discourage and frighten customers due to low standard of services, and one can experience there an atmosphere of showing of and pressure of results together with perfect body.


The brand’s advantage must be based on the emotional level, at every stage of the brand experience: from contact with trainers to communicated values. Let’s create a friendly place for those who want to take care of themselves, be healthy, let everyone pursue their own goals in Zdrofit in their own time and manner.


We have carried out several tactical actions covering digital, social media, outdoor and DOOH as part of a long-term strategy. Every day we develop and moderate a community which gathered around the brand on Facebook (almost 100,000 followers), Instagram and LinkedIn. We design websites for Zdrofit, create printed materials, run SEM campaigns, support special campaigns and the openings of new clubs. All activities are carried out in the spirit of agitation – a healthy approach to physical activity, training without pressure and in harmony with each other and with one’s body.


During 3 years of comprehensive cooperation,  Zdrofit network has grown from 13 to 67 clubs and is constantly developing. We’ve created an impressive Facebook community. The number of fans on the official Zdrofit profile from less than 15 thousand increased to 100,000 Another 6,000 club members gather on Facebook groups. The company got Forbes Diamond in 2018 for all the work connected with the brand. We co-create a great brand and a place close to everyone who loves a healthy lifestyle mainly due to excellent cooperation with the client.

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